Go Ahead And Write In That Book

I don’t want to sound all airy fairy when I say that reading is a shared experience.If I were an author, I would love my readers to write all over my book. That way, I would know the conversation isn’t all one-sided, and I haven’t spent a big chunk of my life talking to myself….write in books, spill coffee on them, bend them, fold them, love them, hug them.

101 Books

I’ve always been a proponent of writing in books, even dog-earing pages on occasion. To me, that’s just showing the book a little love.

When I’m finished with a novel, I want the novel to look like I’ve read it. And what better way to do that than writing my thoughts in the margins?

Mortimer Adler wrote a book appropriately called How to Read a Book. Time recently published an excerpt in which Adler explains why you shouldn’t be ashamed to write in your books.

I love this. 

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